Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And they

Isn't it saddening tha FXsol, FXClub, InterbankFX and other couple of brokers banned Nigerians from signing up for a forex account. I was quite surprised when someone sent me an email to the effect. Even tho its been a bit of time ago that this happened, i have not had time to blog about it. While the action of wonderbanks have caused this sanctions, i believe that we all should'nt panic as it is practically impossible for a particular body to ban Nigerians from trading forex on the FX market, even though individual broker can.There are more than one thousand brokers(both regulated and unregulated) that one can suscribe to, and that ease off the tension. For those who are still afraid, i guess visiting the NFA website for a list of regulated brokers should do the job. Also, emailing the broker prior to registration about their registration process and the confirmation of them allowing Nigerians on their trading platform should also be done before attempting to signing up.

For now, i am sure that Northfinance, crownFX, FXDD, Marketiva, Finex still all allow Nigerians. Visit the broker's website, and take action based on the information you get.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

And i met Him....

Last week was quite busy for me. I succeeded in getting a new Multilinks fone. At least, it means uninterrupted Internet supply. I am still having a feeling that i should buy an inverter to complement electricity but that is an issue for another day.

And so i met someone. I was at Premier Hotel last week when someone i have longed to meet come walking to the venue of a seminar that i was going to present at.

From his days doing drama (catch them young) to the likes of "great mistake", "story of my life", "strange religion", to the recent ones...., he has been my hero. Infact, he did was my childhood hero.

"Hello sir", i said as we got talking......It was Rev. Mike Bamiloye. While its no news meeting him, i felt more excited when i was opportuned to sit down with him for 8 hours spread over two days.

It was quite revealing and purposeful as we discuss forex and move on to some other things. Overall, i had a fulfilled day, having met someone i so much hold in high esteem.

I am making serious headway in forex. I am doing a research on managed account and i am yet to find a very reputable one that allows a low start-up. I heard damadsuite is quite a good one, but i am yet to speak to couple of investors on that. Northfinance allows a minimum of $10,000 for a managed account. I still beieve that the start up is quite on the high side....so i am looking for some other way out.

My eyes seem to be popping out from lack of sleep. I guess i need some rest before i collapse. Will be back during the week to post on my findings..

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Friday, August 10, 2007

I doff my Hat

I love surfing online so much.I read forums, blogs, websites and other online journals. While i may not consider contributing to online communities, i stll visit to learn one or two things.
Recently, i have noticed that my scope of knowledge has increased especially in terms of financial intelligence. I also discover that reading some couple of blogs have helped me reach this goal and i intentionally dedicate this post to those blogs:

Deolu Akinyemi: Its the no.1 on my list. While i have never met deolu before, his impact has been felt in nearly every part of Nigeria. From his days at procter and gamble, to his starting "Generis Solutions", he has been outstanding in nearly every business respect. One idea i learnt from his many blog postings is the need to make as much Nigerians financially independent.

Funmi Iyanda: I am sure she does not need any introduction. "New dawn with Funmi" speaks for her. Not many people know until recently that the TV diva actually owns an online blog. her recent posting on an encounter with the police sure reveals the decay in our society.

NaijaCutie: She is truly the type of cutie i crave for.... Very business oriented, articulate, intelligent and consistent. I have on many occasion speak with this lady who hails from the eastern part of Nigeria but currently studies in one of the Uk universities. I guess she is a typical personality a young person should crave. For some crazy moments, i have a belief that she will take the whole Uk by storm.

Gbenga Sesan: He actually was one of the best young people nigeria ever had. He was the first IT youth ambassador in Nigeria, and he currently is a social enterpreneur . A friend of mine has once called me before to ask me if Gbenga knew me personally, and i asked why she asked. "He mentioned your name in an interview!" she said. I am not sure what Gbenga Sesan said about me, but being referenced is really thrilling.

Seun Osewa: i cannot but mention this IT freak who is the Lord and King of Nairaland.If you are an internet addict and you've never heard or visited Nairaland, then you must be surfing the countryside. Nairaland is a people packed website where over 100,000 Nigerians gather to discuss various issues. Seun is truly a great admin as its obvious from the sanity on the forum.

LondonChik: I love this diva. I love her every post, i crave to read every time. She's got stuffs, she's got something you really want to read. She is funny, ambitous, talented, brave.....and nice.
Londonchik simply brings out the other side of relationship that the geeky in me does not see. She is now an enterpreneur and that alone is a plus.

Chxta: I don't know why, but chxta can post and post and post. A die hard fan of Juventus, he blogs from the shores of the UK for now. He blogs on various issues that affects the normal human life. from politics to sports to educations, he romances with the blogworld by commanding a large audience.

There are many more of them.....For those up here, they've been of tremendous educational help, i doff my hat...and i'll keep doing.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

No No No.......Long TIme no C...

And i abandoned this project for quite a while. I have been engrossed in sorting out some things online that i intentionally refused to update despite pleas from couple of people. Kunle, Tunde and Zeal......Apologies for the late post. I am glad at least that i won't be crucified since the saying goes that "a blog is meant to complement you".

I learn new things everyday. There is no doubt about that and i am seemingly enjoying it. The robot has reached it final stage and its out for sale. For those who bought it, they are already reaping the fruits of using the robot to work smart. For some time, i have had feeling that the Robot is going to be cheap, but considering the logistics and other factors, the price has been set to N20,000. I personally considered that very cheap compared to the work it will do.
There are so many perceptions about Forex. While some people consider it to be a money spinner, others think its an investment vehicle. I have romanced with this popular cutie for quite a while now and i consider it to be more of a profession. Last week, i was quite surprised when someone asked me if Forex is another company like PennyWise, Treasureline, Mustard seeds and the rest.....

I think we need to come to the realisation that Forex can be very risky, therefore requires month of practice. Until most Nigerians get to know that, so many people will fall prey to some fund managers due to their gullibility.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Busy, Busy Busy....

I finished up with a One-on-One training two days ago in Ibadan, and i immediately rushed down to Osogbo. I had earlier planned a meeting up with my siblings for a family night dinner that excludes my Mum and my Dad. Typical of me, i was 20 minutes late and my younger sister could not but accuse me of it. I apologised and got on with my meal. I guess i was quite hungry as i seem to masticate every single piece of rice in my plate.
Emails and Phone calls were coming in flocks, even while at the family dinner. I literarily switched off my Cellphone to accomodate time.

Now that i am done with resting for a whole day, i got myself back to work. I have been experimenting with a trading system that automates trade for the past two months, and i seem to be nearing positivity in result. Quite every client has been on my neck on when the system will be out, and i have kept on assuring them that it will reach its implementation stage in another 1 week.I guess i care so much about my reputation that i'd prefer to be sure of what i am going to sell than having to apologise later on for bad customer services.

Its rather unfortunate that my Multilinks box does not work in Osogbo. I am therefore forced to use the cybercafe's connection. The cafe near me is quite worse, as most people that plow this venue with their laptops are "Yahoo Yahoo Boyz". Can you imagine one of them peeping into my laptop screen this morning, and i had to tell him off when i noticed that he was getting out of hand. I guess he was surprised that i only come to the cafe alone, never speak to anyone, and i seem to be spending so many hours browsing. Probably, he wonder what i spend so much time doing....
His inquisitiveness actually caused him more embarrassment anyway. That serves him right...

There has been quite a lot of arguments among my peers on the ethics of cherrypopping. While this is not in relation to what this blog is all about, i guess i have a right to exposing the human part of me. I personally believe that we all have different levels of ethics. While i consider a lot of things unethical, couple of my mates see nothing wrong in them.
To extinguish all arguments earlier last night, i have had to agree with my friends that there was nothing wrong with guys popping as much cherries as they want, so far they did not do it forcefully, but instead only if the opposite sex is willing.
Personally, i still believe strongly that it is unethical, as i regard it as taking advantage of the weak spot of the female nature to satisfy one's sexual gain. Newayz, irrespective of ethics or no ethics, i have concluded that my mates can go on to pop cherries, and i will continue to make more money, and at thesame time affect people's life positively. i guess the reality always comes out in the end.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

So Far so Good...

The week has been pretty busy for me. First of all, my sore throat is already gone. After days of digesting Septrin tablets and consistently licking throat lozenges, it finally relieved me yesterday. I became a year older this week. I don't really feel different about it, as i went about my daily job without mincing feelings. Couple of people did ring me up to wish me a happy birthday. Its quite surprising that these set of people do remember that there is still one Gbenga that exist. I thank you all sha....

From the Ibadan Forex Seminar mid week, to the on-going one in Lagos this weekend. I am in my hotel room at Ostra Halls and Hotels as i type this out. I have not had a good sleep in three days and i am beginning to review my life, if i had set out on the right path... My dream has always been to empower Nigerians towards sustainable living, and i seem to be achieving this through Forex. Even tho its been very daunting, i still have a urge and feeling to press on. Gbenga Sesan's post on ICT and Youths Enterpreneurship did geared me towards pressing on, as trading forex, although risky is a online way of making money.

I am enjoying the metatrader platforms on interbankFX, Northfinance and FXDD. WHile the brokers are quite different, there trading platforms are quite similar as they use the metaquotes software for their clients. I am also testing a new trading strategy that i found out from a more experienced mentor that guarantees a 8 win out of 10. I pray and hope that it will work out well, and i'll make this available for virtually everyone.

My eyes are closing up now........Am off to bed.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

UI, Sore Throat and Malaria

And so i rushed down from Lagos last saturday to make sure i do not dissapoint the organisers of a Forex Seminar that i have earlier being invited for. With the speed of the chartered peugeot 504 and the smartness of the driver for not taking the Lagos Ibadan express way, i got to Ibadan approximately 3 hours 20 minutes after we took off. The Lagos-Ibadan Expressway was already jampacked with worshippers attending the MFM and RCCG programmes. For the first time in many years, i travelled through Ijebu Ode, via ajah and somehow noticed that we got to Ibadan. I must have slept off in the vehicle as i woke up at a police checkpoint. I was quite exhausted from the previous night presentation at Ostra halls and Hotels. I could'nt sleep early enough at the hotel as i had to prepare my presentation for the following day.
I was lucky enough to get into the hall at the faculty of law 5 minutes before the start of my preentation. I heaved a sigh of relieve as the moderator invited me up stage to start my presentation on how to start trading using fundamental analysis.

After gisting with the seminar attendees for about 5 minutes to put them into a relaxed atmosphere, i noticed that most of them were not quite interested in various terms of forex or detailed analysis of news and other concepts. I swept my night-prepared presentation under the carpets and start to teach without using the presentation. I explained the concept of Hedging, Pending orders and how to place a trade during news times. I also offer them couple of my trading signals for free( and of course, they need to demotrade it) and entered and exit positions on a metatrader platform so as to simulate the concept of trading.

In the end, i motivated by telling them the tools needed to trade. Personally, apart from a computer with an internet connection, i told them that they need couple of other things like:
1. The desire to learn
2.the determination to succeed
3. The patience to get use to the trading platform
4. The ability to stomach risks

I also explain the concept of forex market taboos, which are GREED, FEAR and EMOTIONS.

I left the programme later on after i had zealously fulfilled my course.


Today is the second day after the seminar, and i am already feeling the pains of not resting. Right now, i have a sore throat and heavy malaria. I guess i got malaria for sleeping in an area infested with stagnant pools. Hard-life you call it, but at least, one must experience this to know how it feels to live in a disadvantage area.

A staff was kind enough to take some pictures of me while teaching during the seminar on my Nokia 3220. I promise to upload the nice ones as soon as i get to download them on my PC. But right now......i got to rest